Attorney Mary Manesis Discusses Securities Class Action Lawsuit Against MannKind Corporation

Palmer, Lombardi & Donohue LLP attorney Mary Manesis was quoted in the Los Angeles Business Journal article, “Insulin Inhaler Too Puffed Up?” discussing a lawsuit filed against the pharmaceutical company MannKind Corporation for allegedly misleading investors about the prospects of an insulin inhaler, Afrezza, which the FDA concluded required further clinical testing. Ms. Manesis, who has defended pharmaceutical companies in several securities class actions, said that an important part of the case will be exactly what MannKind knew prior to the FDA’s decision. She commented, “What would be key in any trial is to really understand the nature of the dealings and communications between the company and the FDA.” According to Ms. Manesis, the case is particularly complex given the drug development and approval process and could prove lengthy, with plaintiffs’ attorneys deposing the company’s research personnel and demanding all documents related to Afrezza’s development.